[CQ-Contest] Single-Op, Team Assisted???

Richard L. King k5na at texas.net
Tue Feb 27 22:09:46 EST 2001

I heard something interesting this weekend while I was tuning around on
160M during the CQ 160M SSB Contest. I think what I heard is worthy of a
little discussion here as too whether it is against the rules or merely an
ethical issue. Here is what happened:


Station A is calling CQ on a frequency where he has obviously been for
quite some time.

Station B calls him and says, "One of the multipliers that you need is on
xxxx frequency".

Station A say, " Yes, I still need that. I will be right back".

Station B begins calling "CQ Contest" on Station A's frequency and works a
couple of guys.

Station A returns and says, "Thanks and I still need three more mults and
they are xx, yy, and zz."

Station B says, "OK, I will let you know if I hear them somewhere."


Now I certainly have my opinion as to whether this is proper of not but I
wonder how others feel about it. One of the factors here is I don't know
whether Station A is going to enter the assisted or unassisted category.

Any opinions out there?

73, Richard

k5na at texas.net

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