[CQ-Contest] Single-Op, Team Assisted???

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Tue Feb 27 19:44:05 EST 2001

In a message dated 2/27/01 6:43:06 PM Eastern Standard Time, k5na at texas.net
 > Now I certainly have my opinion as to whether this is proper of not but I
 > wonder how others feel about it. One of the factors here is I don't know
 > whether Station A is going to enter the assisted or unassisted category.
 > Any opinions out there?
 > 73, Richard
 > k5na at texas.net

Smells like Single OP assisted or multi something.
The simple test should be: "Is someone else "hunting" for you, finding and
passing call/frequency info to you?" If yes, you cannot claim single OP. If
you (whoever) do, you are CHEATING. (Yea, but he didn't use Internet, he used

We have examples of cheaters holding world records when they had hunters
bringing the multipliers for shoot, sitting whole contest on 1840, and
running 100x more power than allowed. Must feel really good to be "champion"
like that.

IMHO any solicitation of QSOs (besides calling CQ or stations) and "moving
multipliers" should be disallowed. Work what you find on the band. It really
sucks when you wait in the pileup on rare one, here comes the mighty-multi
and snatches him away. It hurts especially when you are single band. One
would expect that multies with their extra operators would welcome challenge
of hunting what is there.

And then we have case of "advertising" and prizes, awards for "work us." I
think the only advertising should be: There is a contest this weekend, wanna
have fun? Get in and work the world and have fun hunting.

I must have been away from radio for too long and possessing some non ham
radio logic :-)


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