[CQ-Contest] Single-Op, Team Assisted???

Mike Gilmer - N2MG n2mg at contesting.com
Wed Feb 28 05:44:08 EST 2001

If one looks at this in the context of the CQ 160 contest, then while what 
Richard has outlined sure sounds like "assisted", CQ 160 doesn't even have 
an assisted single-op category.

 >From CQ's website

<<Classes: Single and multi-operator only. Use of packet, a spotting net, 
or logging assistance makes an entry multi-operator.>>

Now, what kind of "help" did station A receive? It wasn't logging, wasn't a 
spotting net and wasn't packet. I suppose one could argue that it's 
*legal*. But not *contesting*.

73 Mike
n2mg at contesting.com

On Tue, 27 February 2001, "Richard L. King" wrote:

 > I heard something interesting this weekend while I was tuning around on
 > 160M during the CQ 160M SSB Contest. I think what I heard is worthy of a
 > little discussion here as too whether it is against the rules or merely an
 > ethical issue. Here is what happened:
 > *************
 > Station A is calling CQ on a frequency where he has obviously been for
 > quite some time.
 > Station B calls him and says, "One of the multipliers that you need is on
 > xxxx frequency".
 > Station A say, " Yes, I still need that. I will be right back".
 > Station B begins calling "CQ Contest" on Station A's frequency and works a
 > couple of guys.
 > Station A returns and says, "Thanks and I still need three more mults and
 > they are xx, yy, and zz."
 > Station B says, "OK, I will let you know if I hear them somewhere."
 > **************
 > Now I certainly have my opinion as to whether this is proper of not but I
 > wonder how others feel about it. One of the factors here is I don't know
 > whether Station A is going to enter the assisted or unassisted category.
 > Any opinions out there?
 > 73, Richard
 > k5na at texas.net

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