[CQ-Contest] Single ops and Internet

Paul, VE3ZT ve3bbh at interlog.com
Wed Feb 28 22:51:05 EST 2001

 > As a refresher, here are the rules for the single operator category in the
 > two major DX contests:
 > ARRL rules just say this:
 > 2.1. Single Operator: One person performs all transmitting, receiving,
 > spotting, and logging functions as well as equipment and antenna
 > adjustments.
 > 2.1.1. Use of spotting assistance or nets (operating arrangements
 > involving
 > other individuals, DX-alerting nets, packet, Internet, etc) is not
 > permitted.
 > The CQ version is this:
 > 1. Single Operator High: Those stations at which one person
 > performs all of
 > the operating, logging, and spotting functions. The use of DX alerting
 > assistance of any kind places the station in the Single Operator Assisted
 > category.
 > ===
 > Both specifically prohibit Internet although there is some room for
 > interpretation.  I am interested in the opinions of the contest community
 > because I may have been hurting myself with my interpretation of this.

I usually check WWV just before contests, but sometimes during if the band
seems strange. I don't consider checking WWV propagation forecasts as

73, Paul.

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