[CQ-Contest] High speed CW

CYBERGURUES lw9euj at ciudad.com.ar
Wed Jun 6 22:58:33 EDT 2001

Hi all:

I visit contesting.com allmost every day. This time I went to the article on
BCC PED competition, and I saw a message posted saying that it is not
possible to achieve more than 100 Qs / 10 mins using ped, that stations
achieven bigger numbers must be using some kind of trick, yadi, yadi, yada.

I'm quite sure that the top sations in this and other QRQ competitions use
no tricks to go so fast.
CW ends at 65 WPM. NOT!
I increased my speed limit from 70 to 82 WPM with 20 mins a day during a

Does CW end at 100 WPM? No it does not.

Young Fab (DJ1YFK) is running at 120!

You don't believe it. Do you?

Try it for yourself.
It will only take 20 mins a day.


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