[CQ-Contest] CQ W1/2/3 for WW CW

David Jones kk7gw at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 1 20:34:17 EDT 2001

Hi guys (and gals).

I've been rather inactive lately (except for Visalia, was good to meet some of
you there) due to landing a new job at the beginning of the year that's
required me to work some pretty long hours.

However, I've started to get vacation time, and so I'm looking for a station on
the east coast for WW CW.

Does anyone know of an open station (or slot at a multi) in W1/2/3 land that
might need an op?

I've done some SOAB's and multi-ops from W7RM, and a multi-op from
N6TR/K7RAT's, along with a bunch of contests from my meager home station, but
I'm looking to try things out from the east coast.

Hopefully I'll be active in IARU from a decent sized W7 station, so I'll look
for you all then!


David Jones, A+, MCSE
Amateur Radio KK7GW
kk7gw at yahoo.com

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