[CQ-Contest] VHF Contest - an oxymoron?

Steve G0AEV g0aev at explore.force9.co.uk
Wed Jun 6 19:25:02 EDT 2001

If you enter the ARRL VHF contest on 50 MHz, it's worth noting there will
be a 6m contest in Europe Saturday 12z to Sunday 12z
(http://www.uksmg.org/sporadic.htm).  This is the UK Six Metre Group
annual contest, which usually generates lots of activity ­ and not just in
the UK as UKSMG has around half its members overseas.

There are a dozen or so trans-Atlantic sporadic E openings at 50MHz
each summer, and soon or later one of these is going to coincide with a
contest.  If it happens next weekend, East Coast stations be prepared to
receive exchanges of the format RS(T) ­ Grid Square ­ UKSMG
membership number (only sent by members).

Steve G0AEV
(propagation optimist)

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