[CQ-Contest] Fw: Dayton Pileup Test

Steve Lufcy km0l at tfs.net
Thu Jun 7 19:51:37 EDT 2001

Sent: Thursday, June 07, 2001 12:39 AM
Subject: Dayton Pileup Test

| Hi Steve. Please do me a favor. I'm not currently subscribed to the
| contest reflector, and  I wonder
| if you would post a note there for me. Tell the gang that:  I am
| re-checking all the KC DX Club CW Pileup Contest entries. We had some
| new, very helpful and enthusiastic checkers this year. They gave up
| their Saturday night to work on the tests. However, their lack of
| experience in manual logging, real-time dupe checking, etc., reading
| other hams' awful handwriting, etc., resulted in some errors. I have
| re-checked about 15 of the 107 so far, and have found score increases in
| 12, a decrease in one. The increases generally are ranging from 1 to 5
| additional calls correctly copied. There will be some changes in the top
| 10....e.g. K3ZO and K4BAI have jumped up to scores of 56. I'm afraid it
| might be another week or so before I am able to get through all of the
| entries, but I will post them on the Kansas City DX Club Website
| (www.qsl.net/kcdxc) just as soon as possible. Thanks again to all, and I
| look forward to seeing everyone back in 2002! 73 Bill K0VBU
| Thanks Steve. CU FD!

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