[CQ-Contest] WAE Rules

Robert Shohet kq2m at mags.net
Mon Jun 11 16:15:55 EDT 2001

According to the rules on the DARC website,  the minimum time on a band is
10 minutes.  However, it also says that a quick band-change to work a mult.
is allowed.  I interpret that to mean that if you are working anything other
than mults, then the  10 minute rule applies.  If you are working mults
only, the 10 minute rules does not apply.

The incentive for a 3x and 4x mult on 40 & 80 respectively is simple.  QRN!
on the low bands and much higher activity level/rates on the high bands.  If
the 3x & 4x mult was not there, there would be a lot less activity on 40 &
80.  As it is, between the high summer QRN levels, 20 open most of the night
and the low number of EU stations on 80, even the 4x mult. doesn't seem to
be enough to generate much activity on 80.


Bob KQ2M

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