[CQ-Contest] "Free" Dymo Label Printer

Richard J. Norton ae327 at lafn.org
Tue Jun 12 12:10:04 EDT 2001

Ironically, it was just yesterday when I was in a conversation with
two other people about mail-in rebates.

One reported that he had given up sending in for them after his last
four attempts had gone unanswered. He noted that a very large, local,
computer retailer now includes slips with rebate-promoted merchandise
saying, "buyer beware - we not responsible if you do not get this

I reported that another friend, who had photocopied everything to
prove that all requirements were met, received back a rejection form
saying (falsely) that some requirement had not been met.

I also added that I had recently read about some large rebate oriented
firm declaring bankruptcy, and leaving millions of dollars in promised
rebates unanswered.

I cannot say with certainty that this rebate will not be for real.
However, I have always liked the saying, "If it sounds too good to be
true, it probably is."

Good luck.

Dick Norton, N6AA

>Wanted to share an incredible bargain I found today:

>Amazon.com has a Dymo LM200 label maker for $49.99, less a
>$49.99 manufacturer's mail-in rebate, making it FREE after
>rebate. You can also use the coupon code DEALJUNENEST during
>checkout to get an additional $5 savings. Rebate is good on
>purchases through June 14 only.
>See this URL for the label maker:
>or go to http://www.amazon.com and search on "Dymo LM200"
>I've ordered one of these and plan to use it all over the shack
>to label all my cables, homebrew interface boxes, coax switches,
>etc. etc. - my net cost is only $1.20, even after shipping. I
>don't know how you can go wrong with that!

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