[CQ-Contest] FW: Pile Up Competition (fwd)

Ward Silver hwardsil at WOLFENET.com
Wed Jun 13 19:28:54 EDT 2001

Forwarded on behalf of K0SR...73, Ward N0AX

Pileups are outside the normal contesting experience of a lot of us. In
the 1999 10 Meter contest, I managed to make over 1500 Q's in the LP CW
category, and at no point did I ever have more than 3 or 4 guys call me
at once.  In 30 years of contesting I've never had a pileup on me. It
just doesn't happen from up here.  So from my perspective having a
pileup contest is the same as having a hang gliding contest; I have no
experience with that either.  And I know I'd crash either way :)

I agree with Bill, W4AN.  The winner should be determined due to the use
of a radio.

73  Steve K0SR

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