[CQ-Contest] WAE

Scott Robbins w4pa at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 14 10:24:12 EDT 2001

K9GY wrote:

>I have come to the conclusion...
>that it is far easier for people to pick apart a
>contest rule(s) and use that as an excuse to not
>operate in the contest,  than it is to actually get
>on the air and operate in it... 
>Again I ask, how many Europeans did your station work
>in the ARRL DX? What would your score be if you did
>not work those Europeans? 

Let me preface this by saying:

1) I sent K9GY a private email message about WAE
2) I *like* the WAE contest
3) I get on each year and casually make contacts in

But...the WAE contest is the only major contesting 
event that does not permit the full blown use of
SO2R operation by limiting single ops to 10 mins.
on a band.  Yes, I can work a "multiplier" on another
band, but that greatly handicaps SO2R operation.

The results are:

1) Low band operation suffers dramatically in WAE.
2) High band "peak" times will find one band at a
time packed to the gills with little or no
activity on other bands simultaneously.  I see this
every year in this contest. 
3) The true SO2R contester isn't going to get
excited about not using the second radio.

I'm sorry, (this is my personal proclivity) but I find
contesting with one radio rather tedious.

I will get on for WAE and give out contacts because
I personally feel it is important to do so if we
(Americans) expect Europe to participate in ARRL DX.
But until SO2R operation is allowed, I think serious
participation will continue to be low outside of EU.
I plan to go all out for NAQP CW the weekend before,
but not for WAE. 

Scott Robbins, W4PA

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