[CQ-Contest] JARL/AA

David Robbins k1ttt at berkshire.net
Mon Jun 18 23:39:43 EDT 2001

awwww, its not that bizzare.  its basically the same type of syntax used in html
and xml but with their own made up tags for each part.  maybe there is some ja
written program that generates it.  some mail editors may have to be set for
plain text and have the line length made longer or turn off line wrapping to
prevent corruption.  it sounds like last year they realized there was a problem,
i guess it wasn't sorted out yet.

Clive Whelan wrote:
> What are the JARL playing at? This is a rhetorical question, but
> I do hope someone is listening in JA.
> Have you seen
> http://www.jarl.com/contest/english/aaelog.htm
> bizarre or what???
> My entry was rejected by autoreply almost before it was
> received! This despite *trying* to comply with the bizarre
> format above. Quite simply my email client will *not* format in
> line log stuff adequately. Every other contest organisation
> accepts ( in fact afaik *only* accepts) entries as attachments.
> Last time I was the *only* GW entrant, so I think the JARL needs
> my entry more than I need to enter. It's a shame but life is too
> short for this kind of obstacle. It's up to you JA?

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