[CQ-Contest] WheeRU: Sheesh!

Gerry Hull windev at inetmarket.com
Fri Jun 22 20:13:55 EDT 2001


Is this not a hobby?  Gosh, let's have some fun guys....

WhereRU has'nt been used for beat the competition, YET.

Yes, let's innovate and build new applications....

Let the contest sponsors deceide what is the proper usage....

Perhaps we can invent a new, real-time contest where we can
watch our competitors scores?   Is this evil?  I don't think so....

I happen to be a YCCC'r, so I called my WhereRU group "YCCC".... good
friend and FRC'er K2NJ is often on my server... but he is not 
giving away secrets....

cu in FD -- I'll be 40m CW from K1BKE 4 or 5A NH...


Gerry, W1VE/VE1RM
Greenfield, NH
YCCC and Proud!

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