[CQ-Contest] July QST arrives "Antenna Issue"

Jim Rhodes rhodes at evertek.net
Sun Jun 24 18:15:57 EDT 2001

Yes, this is true, but a successful business keeps it's established 
customers as well as attracting new ones. Many of us have outgrown a diet 
of pablum. I have only been licensed for 19 years, but I have seen the 
number & quality of construction and other articles in all of the remaining 
ham mags trend in a downward spiral in this time. The alarming thing is 
that this is happening on a global scale and not just in our little corner 
of the world.

At 02:48 PM 6/24/01 -0400, you wrote:

>Hi, Jay...
>The ARRL's most important functions include insuring the continuation of our
>spectrum allocations and privileges, international representation of the US
>amateur's interests, and the continuing education of both the amateur
>community and the public. To retain its strength and influence requires the
>greatest membership numbers, and that means doing whatever is necessary to
[stuff cut]

Jim Rhodes K0XU
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