[CQ-Contest] July QST arrives "Antenna Issue"

Dale L Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Sun Jun 24 22:26:01 EDT 2001

> Hello Jerry,
> No offense intended towards you, but if the ARRL is suppose to be
> doing all you
> describe below then they must not be doing a very good job.  Are
> not only about
> one fourth of the licensed amateur radio operators in the United
> States members
> of the ARRL.  That seems kind of pathetic to me.

No more pathetic than anywhere/anything else.

Do you vote?  How pathetic is that?  And you don't even have to pay a fee.
Yet, only just over half the voting age population registered in the 1994
election and only 45% voted.

Belong to any ham radio clubs?  How many in the club are actually ACTIVE
members?  How many show up for club-related events to do things (meetings,
fun-runs, shack cleaning, tower work, equipment repair, etc.) and/or
volunteer to lead a team or organize an activity?  In any club/organization,
there are going to be the movers-shakers (no matter what the quality of
their moving-shaking may be).  The rest just sit on their haunches and watch
the goings-on.

> Seventy five percent of all US hams can not be wrong!  Can they?

Yes, they can.  Very much so.  They can also be miserably cheap bastards,
too, so any membership dues is anathema to them.

dale, kg5u

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