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> For the first time in my ham career, I've acquired a second hf transceiver
> and am contemplating setting up for SO2R.
> I've always tried hard for good ergonomics in my SO1R setup, and so I'm
> thinking hard about how best to do sO2R.  Overwhelmingly, the conventional
> wisdom seems to be to put one radio to the left of the op and the other to
> the right. However, I have been very happy with my paddle and linear
> to the left and my radio to the right (I'm left-handed), and so I'm
> contemplating maybe stacking both radios on the right.  In such a setup,
> the primary radio would be on the bottom, and the second-band radio would
> be on the top.

Why put the second-band radio on top? That's the one you'll
be adjusting all the time (tuning across bnd, etc.), and so it needs
to be in the most comfortable position for your arm.

The run radio will by comparison stay planted on one frequency,
and won't need to be touched.

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