David Robbins k1ttt at berkshire.net
Mon Jun 25 14:59:17 EDT 2001

ok, here is my log for spotting n1wm

 28360.0  N1WM        24-Jun-2001 1729Z  wma                        K <K1TTT-6>
 50127.0  N1WM        24-Jun-2001 1252Z  fn32 wma                   K <K1TTT>
 50135.0  N1WM        23-Jun-2001 1909Z  fn32 wma                   K <K1TTT-6>

was i 'pimping' for them?  i could have spotted them a lot more times but they
didn't call cq a lot when i was listening.  i do know most of the operators and
they were operating just a couple miles up the road from me.  did they ask me to
do it??? not a chance, most of them didn't like pileups anyway.  did they know i
was doing it, i don't think so, they weren't connected to my node when i did it

if i am not playing in a contest and spot n1rr everytime i happen to run across
him calling cq is that 'pimping'??  do i have to spot other stations to avoid
your accusations and the consequences you would have for n1rr even if he doesn't
know i'm doing it?  

this could be a new way to get stations disqualified, just spot them a bunch of
times!  just think of the implications, we can set up a yccc team to go around
and keep spotting pvrc and frc members to get them disqualified!  they could
have great runs, think they are doing great, and then due to no fault of their
own get disqualified because the packet logs looked like they had arranged to be

N7MAL wrote:
> Well Pete I'm not associated with and don't support any club or team.
> Included is the packet-cluster log. You call it what you want I call it
> "pimping". It is soliciting contacts for W3AO  by members of PVRC to benefit
> PVRC and I believe it should be grounds to disqualify  W3AO.
> 223500.0  W3AO        24-Jun-2001 1632Z  FM                        K <W4XP>
> 144190.0  W3AO        24-Jun-2001 1607Z                                K
> <K3SX>
>  28020.0   W3AO        24-Jun-2001 1542Z  21A MD PVRC      K <K3SKE>
>   3920.0    W3AO        24-Jun-2001 1452Z  21A MDSH/D         K <K3SKE>
>   7233.0    W3AO        24-Jun-2001 1450Z  21A MD                  K <K3SKE>
>  14224.0   W3AO        24-Jun-2001 1448Z  21A MD                   K <K3SKE>
>  21360.0   W3AO        24-Jun-2001 1447Z  21a md                     K
> <K3SKE>
>  28467.0   W3AO        24-Jun-2001 1447Z  21A md                    K
> <K3SKE>
>   3862.5    W3AO        24-Jun-2001 0628Z  Go PVRC!!!             K <WX3B>
>  21394.0   W3AO        24-Jun-2001 0308Z                                   K
> <K3SX>

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