[CQ-Contest] Field Day thought ...

Ron Wetjen wd4ahz at gte.net
Mon Jun 25 11:32:23 EDT 2001

Can anyone confirm, that this weekend's Field Day was the end of the 
"free" Novice/Tech station?  I thought I read that somewhere, but can't 
remember where.

If this indeed is the case, I think I've come up with a possible 

We all talk about the lack of new blood to contesting, and of a need to 
somehow "train" those who are interested.  A possible solution would be 
a "free" station that is operated by "newbies" to contesting, and those 
who are not quite quite ready to take on the veterans.  

Over the weekend, some of us discussed the merits of setting up an 
additional station next year as a type of "training" station.  
However, if there are no bodies to operate this additional station, 
it's basically going to waste, and puts us in 3A, for example, even if 
the 3rd station has no one operating.

This new "free" station would primarily be used for seasoned contest 
veterans to take "newbies" under their wing, sit down with them, and 
teach them how to operate.  This way, while your main stations are 
going full bore with more experienced operators, this additional "free" 
transmitter can be used for training.  Making this a "free" transmitter, 
does not penalize a groups effort if there is no one operating this 
additional station at some points during Field Day.  

We try to make sure that anyone who wants to operate, gets the chance 
to do so.  Perhaps a "newbie" feels intimidated watching and listening 
to the veterans racking up the big numbers, and doesn't feel good about 
asking the veteran to give the "new guy" a shot at operating.  This 
"training" station can give these folks an opportunity to get on, in 
a more relaxed style, going at a pace that's comfortable for them, and 
with the help of a veteran contester teaching them the proper way to 
operate and practice logging. (This is actually how we used our 
Novice/Tech station in the past - when there were operators we could 
put on there!)

In much the same way that the Novice/Technician station could only be
operated by those licence classes, the "training" station can only be
operated by "newbies" or those wishing to learn.  No "veterans" would be
allowed to operate this station - but would be able to log for the
stations operating (and yes, we all know exactly what is considered a 
"veteran" contester.)

Just some random thoughts after a very enjoyable (and wet) weekend!

73, Ron  WD4AHZ (@ NJ4M)

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