[CQ-Contest] Field Day thought ...

Tom HammondNØSS n0ss at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 25 13:23:19 EDT 2001

Ron, et al:

Yep... no more Novice/Tech stations in future FDs.

About 6-8 months ago, I sent a similar suggestion to K5UR, for 
consideration by the ARRL. I've not heard a peep from Rick, so I'm not sure 
whether it was even brought up or not.

I sent it to Rick because, since FD's not a 'contest' it's not under the 
pervue of the contest-related committees, and Rick's the chairman of the 
group (I forget which it is) that might have some say about how FD rules 
are changed.

I posted the proposal on this reflector before I submitted it, asking for 
comments from those on the reflector. I think I received two (2).

If I can still find it, I'll drop a copy of my proposal to you directly.

73 - Tom Hammond  N0SS

At 09:32 AM 6/25/01, you wrote:

>Can anyone confirm, that this weekend's Field Day was the end of the
>"free" Novice/Tech station?  I thought I read that somewhere, but can't
>remember where.
>If this indeed is the case, I think I've come up with a possible

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