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Anthony A. Luscre aluscre at neo.rr.com
Mon Jun 25 19:51:55 EDT 2001

I whole heartedly agree with both of the suggestions made below-

1. TRAINING STATION- I think the easy way to minimize the "points aspect" and
stress the "training aspect" of the training station is to follow these basic

a. No points per QSO are given to the station operating the Training Station(s)
for the contacts they make, instead 20 points are awarded per hour for having one
or more Training Stations on the air during each one hour segment of the 24 hours
of FD (i.e. if station is on anytime during 18:00 to 19:00 that is 10 points). No
extra points for more than one station at a time.

b. Training Station(s) would use the call of the "Elmer" ham(s) or "Newbie"
ham(s) different than that of the call being used by regular FD stations(s). It
can change hourly if new operates take over (this gets around the "Dupe"
situations for other stations that also work the regular FD stations

c. Training Station(s) can use all normal FD bands and modes (a variety of modes
would be a benefit)

d. Training Station(s) cannot work its sponsor's regular FD stations

e. Training Station(s) would not change FD classification of regular FD operation
(5A stays 5A, even if one or more Training Stations are on air also)

f. Entry to ARRL will consist of a report of how many Training Station(s) were on
the air, calls used and checklist of which hour segments they were on the air,
list of all calls of hams that were being trained.

BONUS- ARRL would send out a "Welcome to FD" certificate to all "newbie" hams
listed in "f" above (along with an application to join ARRL, of course).

2. FIELD DAY MESSAGE- making the message "interactive" would increase emergency
communicatons aspect of process.

a. Message should refer to some action to be carried out during FD to earn bonus

b. There are many years of different possibilities. Examples could include but
not be limited to- working a particular band or mode, sending a modified exchange
(i.e. zip code, area code, temperature, etc.), fowarding a special message to
community leader, taking a photograph of specifc aspect of your FD operations,
working all districts, working "x" number of sections, etc.

If you agree please foward your comments to ARRL headquarters and your section
and division officals.

W2CE at aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 6/25/2001 3:04:46 PM Eastern Daylight Time, wd4ahz at gte.net
> writes:
> > Field Day is what you make of it.  If you choose to make it strictly
> > an Emergency Exercise, great.  If you work it as a contest, great.  If
> > you choose to combine the two, great.
> I think a "newbie" station by people licensed 2 years or under would be a
> good way to replace the Novice stations. Novice licenses were limited to 2
> years. Perpetual 10 year Novice or Tech licenses were never intended as a new
> class. It was always an experience building station.
> I have one other idea that I submitted an important factor but never seemed
> to be acted on.
> I believe it was 1991 when there was an earthquake in California during FD.
> Many stations there became busy occupied elsewhere. Our group never knew
> until after FD as we had other bands and propagation we were active with. At
> the time of an actual emergency we were busy working everyone else. In
> reality, came the need, all our Q's ment nothing.
> At that time I porposed that each year the callarea of that year be
> designated the disaster area for that years FD. Contacts with that area
> received 1 extra bonus point each. No cw extra credit. The mode isn't
> important, getting the message across is. Come an emergency any means that
> works served the purpose.
> Learning propagation characteristics to a specific region of the country is
> something learned by experience and operating. From here I would look at a
> lot of daytime 40 and early evening 75 to have worked 1-land stations. Though
> I saw lots of W1's on 15 meters in this years log.
> Unfortunately, 10 years later and that is still not a factor in FD planning.
> I did speak to Billy and Warren both back then and the proposal did get sent
> on to the MSC but at a time of review for FD changes nothing was ever heard
> on it either.
> The year I proposed it I also suggested it be announced in the W1AW message
> to tell who really copied the message and strove to worj the designated area.
> Still nada.
> I'm sure there are plenty of other suggestions that can be made to improve
> FD. The question is if anyone will give these suggestions the consideration
> due them. I can't tell you of the number of people impressed with the
> designated disaster area concept, yet never a word from ARRL.
>    73, de  Bob Reed, W2CE
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