[CQ-Contest] The best QSOs/hour on SSB/CW

Jeffrey Steinman steinman at nortelnetworks.com
Mon Jun 25 21:23:32 EDT 2001

A 300 hour on CW would seem "almost impossible" to me. After having my best
ever 60 minutes from EA8BH in the last CQWW CW (258) I'm not sure what else
could have gone better. 

As Kenny, K2KW points out, the best rates ARE NOT when you have a big
pileup. This 258 hour was around 1630-1730 on 10M, mostly Ws with a few EUs.
I already had about 1000 Qs on 10M and just hit the band from a stint on
15M. And I never had too many guys calling me, just a nice, steady pile. 

But the secret that weekend to making a lot of QSOs was not the big hours,
it was the fact I never had an hour < 100. And I never had an hour <100
because I never had to S&P on the run radio.

Rate 	    # Hours
>225		1
200-224	5
175-199	7
150-174	15
125-149	18
100-124	2


Jeff, N5TJ

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