[CQ-Contest] Field Day, is it or isn't?

Joe Pontek v31jp at logical123.net
Tue Jun 26 14:58:00 EDT 2001

Field Day was considered a contest many years ago. And, 
not so far back, Dave, K1ZZ, called it such in QST. Why
do we now call it an "Operating Event?" I don't remember
ever seeing certificates for Field Day, but we are ranked
like any other contest and scores are published. We are not
subjected to close scrutinizing of log checking as we do
not send in logs. But still, we compete.

I would guess we call it an operating event to expose "non-
contesting" and "non-HF" type hams to both of these areas
without scaring them with the stigma of it being a "contest."
It has developed, almost, into a spectator event with the media
and public exposure attempts.

The above said, it is all good. It is what you want to make of
it. It can be a social weekend, a serious contest, a learning/
teaching/exposure event or a publicity occasion. I have participated
in all and enjoyed each. I believe that any improvements should
not be detrimental to any of the above.

Keep it fun and encouraging for for new comers to HF and contesting.
Let an old timer impress the newbies with his high rates and skill.
Then get the newbies in there, tutor and encourage them. There are
wonderful awards for this.

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