[CQ-Contest] The best QSOs/hour on SSB/CW

Chris Tran GM3WOJ gm3woj at talk21.com
Tue Jun 26 17:12:35 EDT 2001

Hello Phil et al

I posted a query about this maybe a year ago.

The August 1980 issue of '73' magazine (the only
copy of this magazine I own!) tells the story of
VP2KC in CQ WW Phone October 1979, when they
set a new world record score of 37.7 million points.
The operator mentioned is Masa JA3ODC, who
the article says "Masa at his peak was running 480!"
(Qs/hr) - I take this to mean that if he had a ratemeter
(I think they were using paper logs but I maybe wrong)
it would have peaked at 480 Qs/hr. - i.e. he did not
necessarily work 480 stations in a one-hour period.

I think the current record for SSB QSOs/hour belongs to
Jeff N5TJ operating as P40L (Multi-Single) in CQ WW
Phone 1993, when Jeff worked 457 stations in a
1-hour period.

Chris    GM3WOJ/GM7V

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