[CQ-Contest] Field Day thought ...

Jim Lawler jlawler at mail.trib.net
Wed Jun 27 00:14:16 EDT 2001

Just my two cents worth ...

I think a whole lot of training could be done if the "free" training station
was allowed a certain number of points per hour ( say 100, which would be 25
Q's per hour cw or 50 on phone.) If a particular trainee maxed out his / her
allowable points, he / she could feel a sense of accomplishment, and might
be more willing to move up to the "real" station.

Limiting each FD entry to one training station with a limited number of
potential points would keep the playing field as level as it ever was, while
giving a lot of folks a chance to get on the air

Also, it isn't just the newbies that are a bit timid stepping up to a rig.
Some of the OT's would like to get on the air but don't want to bring down
the rate. With a less serious station available, I'm sure we would have been
able to get several more people on the air and having fun ( of course, I
mean honing their emergency communications skills <grin>.)

Jim / WY0B ...

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