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Tom Frenaye frenaye at pcnet.com
Wed Jun 27 14:20:44 EDT 2001

At 11:38 AM 6/27/2001 -0500, Tom Hammond NØSS wrote:
>Here's a copy of the FD proposal I sent (9 Jan 2001) to K5UR, who, I think. is the Chm. of the Membership Services Committee, the committee which decides FD rules, etc. Maybe it'll help add to the discussion.
>I might add that a nice response was received from K0BJ, but nothing fro either of the other two addressees. And I've heard nothing about whether the proposal have even been looked at by HQ staff.

The ARRL Board's Membership Services Committee has had this item on the agenda to work on this year (continued from last year).  As Wayne/N7NG, mentioned in a message on cq-contest last week, the discussions about the "free" station in Field Day have not finished.   We have received a number of good suggestions - some from a year ago and some much more recent.   We have some general ideas of what we want to do, now we have to get more specific...

We're happy to receive additional input but in the end if we can't describe it in the FD rules in a few sentences it's too complicated. (my opinion)

The chairman of the MSC this year is Frank Fallon/N2FF.  Other members (besides me) are Rick Roderick/K5UR, Greg Milnes/W7OZ, Dick Isely/W9GIG, Bob Vallio/W6RGG and John Kanode/N4MM.   Wayne Mills/N7NG is the HQ liaison and manages the Membership Services Department in Newington.   All can be reached via e-mail at (their callsign)@arrl.org.

                        -- Tom

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