[CQ-Contest] Best QSOs per Hour on SSB and CW

Clive Whelan clive_whelan at btinternet.com
Fri Jun 29 20:22:34 EDT 2001

 Jeff Maass wrote:
> On paper, you can put multiple calls or parts of calls from a pileup 
> in the log and work them in quick succession. On the computer
> (depending upon your short-term memory), you log one-at-a-time.

Although I'm not going back, as the balance sheet is quite clearly in 
favour of computer logging, nevertheless the problem of callsign 
retention is a major downside. Unless I get the call into the keyboard 
seamlessly, then- especially if the call is a long or convoluted one-  
 it vapourises in front of my eyes ( ears!). That was never a problem 
with paper logging as the scratch pad always contained the call 
instantaneously ( sometimes/often the log *was * the scratch pad!). 
This problem is at its most acute when taking QTCs at 35wpm in WAE.

Some unkind souls have suggested that Anno Domini may be complicit in 
these difficulties, but since I was already past the half century when 
I adopted computer logging, I cannot know with certainty how slick I 
might have been at keyboarding in my youth. I actually believe I am as 
good, or better at my old tricks than I have ever been , but it is 
undeniable that I am not so good at learning new ones these days. Oh 
halcyon days of youth, art thou lost and gone for ever?



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