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On 6/29/01 8:20 AM, Jay Pryor at jpryor at arches.uga.edu wrote:

>The discussion about bifocals/trifocals has been interesting because I am 
>in that group, but I am curious about what other contesters do regarding 
>lighting in the shack.  Are bright lights easier on the eyes over the long 
>haul, or dim room lights so that most light comes from the radio(s)?  Is 
>this one of those things that varies from one person to another?


For many years now, I've had two lights in the shack. The shack has room 
lighting. In the old QTH, this was two sets of 4-way incandescent bulbs. 
Initially, it was VERY bright for such a small room (5' x 14'). I 
gradually lowered the wattage of the replacement bulbs to something more 

At the present QTH, the shack is a bit bigger (6' x 18'), and I have 
three dual 20W florescent fixtures. Not quite enough light, IMHO.

In addition to the room lighting, I have a 40 watt high-intensity light 
that I've had for years and years. It lights the operating desk and the 

Sometimes, especially late at night, I'll turn off the room lights and 
operate solely by the high-intensity. I find that more comfortable and 
less eye-straining.

I find that varying the amount of lighting helps to keep one alert with 
less strain.

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