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Darryl Wagoner darryl at shecora.com
Mon May 7 08:30:40 EDT 2001


 > In the rush to play with new technology we must also remember
 > that when we talk to the world,  there are those who do not always
 > have access to the same level of connectivity  or technology that we 
enjoy ..

Connectivity is a very important point.  This is one of the reasons
that a web only eqsl system without digital signatures is lame.
If each QSO is signed with a digital signature, it can be snail mailed,
carried by package radio, printed on paper or any other means.
The only thing it takes is a 32 bit computer or better to do the

 > Besides ,  nothing replaces the magic of a hard copy QSL
 > remember back to your first 100 countries  and the card from each
 > that was submitted for consideration towards your DXCC
 > I will  bet that some still hold a fond place in your heart
 > and possibly prime space on your wall

I understand.  EQSL will never be a replacement, but an addition to
paper.  What it will do is give amateurs an option of how to QSL and
I hope will reduce the number of stock cards.


Darryl Wagoner - WA1GON

"Evil triumphs when good men do nothing."  - Edmund Burke [1729-1797]

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