[CQ-Contest] Foreign postage

ragnar otterstad otterstad at enter.vg
Sat May 12 17:26:47 EDT 2001

  for foreign postage source.  The request was
  > posted on this reflector about a month ago.  Someone mentioned William J.
  > [cut]
  > ENVELOPES :   Please use international size.  The small odd size US
  > envelopes are a pain in the .......... for us outside USA.
  > 73
  >  " RAG"  LA5HE Also JW5HE OZ8RO.

Only those have the pain in their ...... who have oversized QSLs. Those who
have the standard size cards (90x140mm) have no problem since those cards
perfectly fit into the standard US envelope.

Zoli HA1AG
I have checked the standard post card dimensions in this neck of the woods
and they are all 145 X 105 mm. Maybe we have more to show on our postcards
than most ?   hi


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