[CQ-Contest] Re: [Dx] Lets change phonetics

James Headrick headrick at radar.nrl.navy.mil
Mon Nov 5 21:05:07 EST 2001

There have been a number of comments and anecdotes on miss-read letters in 
call signs.  It may be useful to hear from the other side of the 
problem.  Often I have difficulty in identification of a letter in a call 
sign,  probably due to restricted high frequency range in hearing.  Since 
most of my contest operating is search and peck, I used to just give up on 
answering a CQ when the callsign could not be deciphered.  But, I have 
found the request -  "please give me your call slowly" generally provides a 
good copy.

Of course everyone wants to make as many contacts as possible and the 
hurried CQ indicates the feeling of urgency,  but a slow and careful 
rendition of the phonetic call sign will do wonders for understanding and 
accuracy.  This is in contrast the CW accuracy problem when the 
signal-to-noise ratio is low and there are frequent noise crashes, QRQ is 
in order, that is several fast repeats are far better than sending very slow.

73  Jim  w3cp

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