[CQ-Contest] SS observations (pretty long, too)

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Hi, Everybody,

I can't believe what I am reading! Let me over-simplify what I've heard so
as to give you a chance to correct me. What I'm hearing is, "Contests are no
fun unless I am making contacts as fast as I can. If I am in a contest that
causes me to have periods when I am not making contacts at this high rate, I
will consider not participating." Is that really what you mean?

Man, I pity you. I would have said that you needed a new challenge, but I
realize that a challenge isn't really what you want. You want it to be
*easier* to run up your score. A full-on QSO gold mine for 30 hours. A time
domain Bart's head of activity. No finesse, no cunning, just a melee on all
bands at all times. The cookie jar's always full. There's a full tank of
ethyl in the car. The Las Vegas-strip-on-New-Year's-Eve of contests. A CW
Jerry Springer show. 

Yep, this is the MTV generation, all right.

Besides, Sunday is too much work, right? You know: who wants to sit there
and have to dig out all these puny, S&Ping low power guys with lousy
signals? I have gobs of DSP and IF shift and buttons, but it's such a chore
to actually *use* all that stuff to dig out that weak guy in... again...
again... again please... aw, heck, he's in LAX and I still only have half
his call. Push F1 again. And God forbid that *I* am forced to S&P once in a
while. That's for the little guys. I'm a big gun. Other people come and work
Me Me Me on My frequency.

You ought to see me operate the SS. You wouldn't be able to tolerate it: QRP
with a dipole. Yet it's because of guys like me that you win. And I gladly
hand out some contacts, usually twice a year (but not this year due to
business travel.) I'll try to get on in two weeks for you. If you don't want
to listen for me on Sunday, quit early and save yourself the mental
punishment of having to (horrors!) sit through four or five CQs before I
answer you or (horrors!) having to go S&Ping to look for me.

You make the SS shorter and, for people like me, it's a net loss. Let's face
it: the SS is difficult for lots of folks and they'll simply never operate
it. I notice the slowdown at the end too and I either adjust my operating
time or live with the consequences. It's just part of the data that go into
forming your SS strategy. Every single station last weekend was subject to
the Sunday slump, yet why did one station make more contacts than all the
others? Did he magically manufacture stations to work during the slump?

I will say that if it comes down to choosing between continuing to do
something you're not really enjoying and spending time with the family, that
seems like an easy decision to make. You'll *never* regret pulling the plug
on some meaningless contest for that. I commend Chuck for recognizing that.

Now, if you want to talk injecting a new challenge into SS, I can help you
with that. Question is, have you got the intestinal constitution for it?
(For example, see my previous post
http://lists.contesting.com/_cq-contest/200012/msg00216.html ).

The Sweepstakes is about multitasking at incredible speed, quick decisions,
flawless technique, excellent equipment, and zen-like band sense, but it's
also about outsmarting the other guy with your educated guesses and tricks
gained over many years, knowing when to be patient, and endurance.

Okay, I know this is flamey but I also know you won't take me too so
seriously. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Al  W6LX

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> Well, I sit here Sunday night after another fun SSCW.  I 
> can't help to ponder 
> if (when?) the CAC may change the SS rules to help cure the 
> Sunday doldrums.
> Before you begin to write the flames to me, think about this 
> for a bit. If it 
> wasn't for all of the QRP guys S&P'ing, & the big boys with 
> SO2R, I would 
> have even less of a run. Heck, I'd be S&Ping all Sunday!  
> Before you say " it 
> would turn into a big NAQP",  lets think about the 
> difference. NAQP- 10 
> hours. SS 24. You have 2 shots at hitting open bands during 
> SS. NAQP, only 
> one.  Make multiple Q's with same station. Keep MULTS the same. 
> Ok, so it'll kill all previous SS records. So what? WPX has 
> changed. Today, 
> we have so, so much in life to do, competing with radio, not 
> to mention 
> sitting in a chair all weekend, that us, as contesters, need 
> to make it 
> inviting as possible. I am one of those. I have another 
> expensive hobby 
> (passion) that not only competes with radio contesting money  
> & time. Old 
> cars. I restore them. I cruise them. I show them.
> Oh yeah, did I mention Family time?
> I love contesting. I really dig SS. But, it seems every year, 
> I have a 
> tougher time keeping my butt in the chair all day Sunday, 
> maybe a slight 
> tweak in the rules is in order?
> Let the flames begin!
> 73 & CU in SS SSB
> Chuck KI9A
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