[CQ-Contest] LPT driver for XP?

Frank R. Norton II W8HO at qsl.net
Wed Nov 7 07:34:10 EST 2001

Please pardon the cross post to CQ-Contest and WriteLog but I need this 
info ASAP and I don't recall which list I saw the initial post on.

A few weeks ago someone posted a list of drivers available that will allow 
direct access to your hardware when running WinXP.  I believe it was a 
program that ran in the background that enabled your other programs to make 
direct hardware calls like they can in Win9x and WinMe etc.--------Any 
bells ringing out there?

I had set that email aside in a text file but before I had the chance to 
voluntarily change OS's--my PC HD crashed and took out a large gouge of the 
surface of at least one wafer.  So I am the sudden owner of an XP equipped 
machine.  My main problem is I have a contest keyer that requires that 
direct hardware access in Win9x type OS.  A few other issues were fixed by 
updated drivers but the only fix for this is to access the hardware 
directly.  The box has a collection of ports on it that will not appear 
under WinXP like they did with Win98 2nd Edition.

Please, if you know the program I am trying to describe---re-post it or 
email me directly.  I would really appreciate it, and I bet some others out 
there cud use the info as well.

Tnx es 73 de W8HO Frank 

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