[CQ-Contest] YPlog contesting program

tony field ve6yp at shaw.ca
Wed Nov 7 20:38:09 EST 2001

For those searching for a Window's based fully integrated  Contesting and DX log, it
might be useful to look at YPlog. Contesting supports single op, SO2R and multi-multi
station system on a TCP/IP network.

A September issue of Funk Amateur (large German magazine) gave an excellent 4 page
review of the software. It has also had favourable reviews in the Australian and
other European magazines.  Recently, multi-multi and SO2R operations have been

Some of the (possibly) interesting features are

1. the ability to synchronize one or all station logs on the TCP/IP network in a
multi-multi (or multi-2) environment with a simple click of buttons.  This is useful
when an "new station" comes on stream or if a temporarily disabled station is

2. real time log data, packet spot, etc data sharing.

3. perfect high speed cw (good to 100+ wpm in a Windows program!!!, and believe me,
some users can do this by ear).

4. SSB, CW and RTTY contesting are supported.  RTTY allows the traditional TU's,
multi-mode TNC's or MMTTY for TX/RX.

5. recently, support of the TOP TEN devices and LPT CW paddle has been added as per

6. rotator control  (( etc.. etc.. ))

For those interested, I could email a demo edition for evaluation in which all
features could be examined.  In particular, it would be nice to hear from multi-multi
stations people.

An overview of the current software can be seen at:


Thank you,

Tony Field (VE6YP)
ve6yp at shaw.ca

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