[CQ-Contest] Experience from travelling contesters

F6BEE at aol.com F6BEE at aol.com
Sun Nov 11 04:35:25 EST 2001

Hi contesters

Half way between SSB and CW is the best time to get returning experience from 
those who travelled to exotic multiplier places for SSB.
As I leave F 10 days from now to go to zone 33 for a S/All HP entry in the CW 
contest, having to take a FT-1000 MP, Alpha 87 and a laptop in my bags, I 
need some advice on what can be tolerated in my carry on. After dramatic 
09/11, the airlines check in counters and then carry on X-ray machines and 
officers are to be passed.
Some shared experience on how it happened 2 weeks ago would be appreciated.
Is a FT-1000MP + laptop really too much as carry on, even if it fits (no 
extra !) in the normalized maximum allowed luggage size ?  Yes, a bit 
overweight, I confess !

Thanks for your help and CU in the contest, if I can get through !

Jacques, F6BEE / CN2JS

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