[CQ-Contest] Using the Array Solutions SO2R Master with FT1000MP and FT1000D

VR2BrettGraham vr2bg at harts.org.hk
Tue Nov 13 02:22:19 EST 2001

Some off-line correspondence from N5NJ, KD4D & N2NT after my post, along
with support from WX0B directly:

KD4D's observations matched behavior of mine, though mine had been working
fine & developed the same symptoms roughly coincidental with several hard
faults in the radio & amp my SO2R product is used with.

I was hoping that the similarities were sufficient for me to perhaps 
benefit from
what KD4D may learn as I just haven't had the time to fix anything since the
gods frowned upon me in the middle of IARU.

In my case, it appears I may have an intermittent computer problem as the
SO2R product itself should not cause this behavior.  Either that or it "cured"
itself as what was a hard fault before is now gone.  Neither are especially
appealing, as the problem could just as easily return.

The SO2R product does all sorts of neat stuff & others may encounter
difficulties with some rigs if interfaced through the mic jack.  Anyone who
thinks they might be experiencing this, get ahold of Jay - he'll sort you out!

I myself still need to figure out what a mic jack is.  ;^)

73, VR2BrettGraham (SO2R in an apartment w/ants in <30m^2 space)

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