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Tue Nov 13 22:54:22 EST 2001

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RE:      Re: [TowerTalk] 80m Dipole ssb/cw switching

I've been putting this project off for a while. I have a three-element wire 
yagi for 80m that I move back and forth from ssb to cw. It is basically cut for 
3800. To move it to 3525 I currently lower only one end of each element and add 
the right amount of wire. Yes, when the extra wire is added, the feedpoint is 
no longer in the center of the driven element. Oh well. Neither my amp nor the 
guys in Europe notice it. I use wire-mounted spade lugs and sockets to add the 
extra wire. The extra wire is taped to the support rope, so all it takes is a 
quick downward trip with the rope, plug in the spade lug, and raise it back up. 
Takes 20 minutes to do the whole thing - three elements.

I would really prefer to switch it from inside the shack. QSO rates while 
operating mixed mode in the IARU Radiosport Competiton are dramatically reduced 
by the 20 minute change. This could be done with extra wire switched in at the 
end or in the center with a relay. It could also be done by switching in 
reactive components at the center of each element. What do you all think is the 
easiest way?

Jim K1IR

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