[CQ-Contest] SS Question

Bill Coleman aa4lr at arrl.net
Thu Nov 15 08:55:53 EST 2001

On 11/14/01 7:37 PM, Jim Reisert at jjreisert at alum.mit.edu wrote:

>>So long as your log reflects what you actually sent, everything is fine.
>I don't buy this argument.  The rules are the rules.  They say to do it a 
>certain way.  The log checkers ONLY have the rules to apply to the 
>logs.  If they apply a different standard, so be it.  But if that standard 
>is not documented IN THE RULES, then it may not work tomorrow, so you can't 
>rely on it.

Well, I based this information on how the contest judges have ajudicated 
logs in the past. You're right. It could change.

However, the way they have done it seems ultimately fair. I see no reason 
for them to change it.

This topic was discussed at length following the 1998 SS. Tree, N6TR 
detailed how the logs are analysed:


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