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k8cc k8cc at mediaone.net
Thu Nov 15 20:02:43 EST 2001

At 09:50 PM 11/14/01 -0500, Bob Wanderer wrote:
>Is LTA Industries (K8CC), makers of, among other things, an
>electronic interface going between the computer's LPT port
>and items like CW memory keyers and voice keyers like the
>W2IHY unit for F1~F4(+) control by contest programs, still
>around?  If so, what is their telephone #, snail mail/e-mail
>addresses, etc.


FYI, LTA was run by K3LR, not me.  Tim was the source for a lot of the 
products we sold.

LTA gracefully exited the business in May 1997.  Sales of the NA Contest 
Logging Program were taken over by Radio Bookstore, run by Craig, W1JCC; 
their phone is 800-457-7373.  User support for the program is now handled 
by myself and my brother Tom, WB8VMN who is the author of the Contest Voice 
Blaster software.  Our web site is http://www.datomonline.com or e-mail 
datom at contesting.com.


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