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Below is an excerpt from the ARRL web site showing the exchange rule for
Sweepstakes contests. Please notice the rule heading 4. Exchange: The
required exchange, it says required exchange, it doesn't say if you feel
like it exchange or the truncated exchange, it says required exchange. Now
please note rule 4.3. Your callsign immediately after 4.2 Precedence and
immediately before 4.4 Check. Someone please explain to me why certain guys
like K4VUD and W1AF are not required to follow the rules and why their
entries should not be disqualified. I ran across these 2 guys several times
and never heard them send the exchange correctly, K4VUD didn't even have his
call programmed in his DVK. I'm sure there were many more guys doing the
same thing, I just happened to hear these 2. I know there are at least 100
excuses but: RULES ARE RULES.

4.Exchange: The required exchange consists of:
4.1. A consecutive serial number;
4.2. Precedence;
4.2.1. "Q" for Single Op QRP (5 W output or less);
4.2.2. "A" for Single Op Low Power (up to 150 W output);
4.2.3. "B" for Single Op High Power (greater than 150 W output);
4.2.4. "U" for Single Op Unlimited;
4.2.5. "M" for Multi-Op;
4.2.6. "S" for School Club;
4.3. Your Callsign;
4.4. Check (the last two digits of the year you were first licensed);
4.5. ARRL/RAC Section
Example: WA4QQN would respond to W1AW's call by sending: W1AW 123 B WA4QQN
71 NC which indicates QSO number 123, B for Single Op High Power, WA4QQN,
first licensed in 1971, and in the North Carolina section.

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