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PY5EG py5eg at inepar.com.br
Mon Nov 19 17:59:10 EST 2001

Hi Fellows:

      Seems that we are going to have a big war.
      I offer myself to act as a judge and also a peace maker.
      I will invite the winner and looser to a good Rothshild wine.
      What you say???

      Oms PY5EG the youngster N6TJ´s brother .

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From: Scott Redd [mailto:redd at netschools.net]
Sent: segunda-feira, 19 de novembro de 2001 13:09
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Subject: [CQ-Contest] CQ WW

Well, it's finally happened. . .  Neiger's gone over the edge, prompting my
first-ever post to a reflector.

In spite of our peaceful intentions, it appears the the COLD WAR is back in
true East - West fashion.

Accordingly, Battle Groups from Tiger Team #1 will deploy shortly to Western
Hemisphere locations while Team #2 heads for the Eastern Hemisphere (except
Norton, who apparently bought a ticket for Toronto instead of Tunisia . . .
may be a covert action).

In any event, the ordnance is loaded on the Air Wings, the Tomahawks are
programmed, and a SEAL Team is enroute Ascencion Island with instructions to
cut ZD8Z's coax.

That said, we do plan on giving Team #2 a sporting chance. . . To offset our
youth advantage (that's Jose) and to spice up the competition we'll have two
Low Power entrants (P40W and V26B) and two 2-pointer stations (V26B and
"Here Come The Judge" 8P9Z).  Additionally, the old salt (that's me) -- who
will be operating in only his fifth contest in 15 years -- will be using new
software and trying to figure out if computers are really here to stay (host
Jacky, P43P, assures me they are and has convinced me I should use his
station and not bring my Globe King and SX-99).

We've saved a bit of firepower for the other, inevitable competitors such as

So drop by and give us a few six banders. . . and have fun.

Blessings to all, Happy Thanksgiving and travel safely


P40Q / K0DQ / A92Q / ex XE1IIJ, 6J9AA, CX3BBD etc.

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From: James Neiger <mailto:n6tj at sbcglobal.net>
Subject: [CQ-Contest] CQ WW CW


Admiral Scott Redd, aka K0DQ, has declared that a State of War exists
between his Neiger's Tigers Team No.1 and the erstwhile Team No. 2,
championed by N6TJ.

It seems that Redd, trying to re-live his glory days from 30 years ago
(anyone remember XE1IIJ, 6D1AA, etc etc?), thinks he is still trying to
re-do the legendary battles between him and Neiger circa 1971/72. C'mon,
Scott - GET OVER IT.

Being the gracious sport that he is, Neiger has accepted Redd's challenge,
and the two of chosen TEAMS for the CQ WW CW frenzy. The teams were evenly
and fairly chosen, and to the victors will go the spoils:


K0DQ @ P40Q 		N6TJ @ ZD8Z
W2GD @ P40W		F6BEE @ CN2JS
AA3B @ V26K 		N6ZZ @ RW0F
K4BAI @ 8P9Z 		N6AA @ VE3EJ

The Las Vegas line is evenly split, but since Redd's team has the only
operator under 50 (CT1BOH), early odds are leaning that way.

In addition to battling one another, the Teams are, by the way, taking on
the RTW (rest of the world), and expect the usual potent challenge from the
Contest Club of Finland (CCF).

And not to be out-done, several more Neiger's Tigers Teams have been formed,
and are expected to rank high in the Team Standings:


KQ2M DL2OBF/MU (Guernsey)



Right now, Guillermo (RGL) is feeling rather lonely on his one man team, and
is expecting others to join-up. If you are so inclined, e-mail the
undersigned BEFORE this Saturday, or listen for ZD8Z beginning 11/19,
generally after 1900Z, 21250 or 28490. Final teams will be registered
Friday, just before the contest.

Meanwhile, drop by and give Redd and Neiger Teams your votes of confidence,
and, uh, POINTS! It should be more than obvious we need the help.

Vy 73

Jim Neiger

Scott Redd
Vice Admiral, U. S. Navy (Retired)
Chairman, President & CEO, NetSchools Corp.
100 Galleria Parkway, Suite 1400
Atlanta GA 30339
770 226-5050
770 226-5010 (fax)

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>From K0HB H. Brakob" <HHBrakob at msn.com  Mon Nov 19 21:03:46 2001
From: K0HB H. Brakob" <HHBrakob at msn.com (K0HB H. Brakob)
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 21:03:46 -0000
Subject: [CQ-Contest] Fw: [mn-wireless-assn] K0HB SS Phone SOHP
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From: K0HB H. Brakob=20
To: MWA Reflector=20
Sent: Monday, November 19, 2001 8:58 PM
Subject: Re: [mn-wireless-assn] K0HB SS Phone SOHP

Now that I've had a little sleep I'll scribe some comments about the =
"Phone" weekend.

First, "how 'bout them Hawkeyes" (at KT0R)!!  Has any other MN station =
ever broken 1800+ in SS before?

At K0HB, everything just seemed to "go right" for once (except I =
overslept an hour so only got 23 hours of operating time -- is K0CKB =
secretly in cahoots with the Gold team?)

This weekend I was determined to comply with the two "K0HB Prime Laws of =

PLoS#1 : Rate is King
PLoS#2 : Mults Happen

I didn't do any independent search time for VY1, VE9, WY, etc, and =
concentrated only on keeping my rate up. Early on it was very hard to =
not go on an S&P run searching for VY1JA, but the discipline paid of in =
a "personal best" phone SS.=20

Never had any hours >100Q, but also never had an hour <50Q.  During CW =
weekend I tried my hand at SO2R and it was a miserable failure for me, =
so this weekend I went back to SO1.5R (main rig, plus Drake R4C on a =
long wire).  I occasionally tune the Drake, while CQing the main rig, to =
spot obvious pileups. Found KL7, KP4, KP2, KH6, and VE4 that way (also =
an inexperienced VY1-something which I passed up as too time consuming =
to work).  Every other mult called me on my run freqs, including a very =
low-number QSO from VE8AE for YU/NWT.

Couldn't get anything going on 80 meters.  The other bands all carried =
good rates at various times, and was pleasantly surprised by the "short" =
conditions on 15 and 20.  Also, I (re)learned that "big antennas high in =
the sky" are not always necessarily a Good Thing(tm).  While nursing a =
kinda thin run freq on 15-meters, I was called by a station off the side =
of the TH7, so I switched to my 40M inverted-V to hear him better.  =
Worked him, and then continued with the run.  After that the rate meter =
started a nice improvement, and only later did I notice that I'd never =
switched back to the beam. =20

Another thing I "did right" was to not follow my usual practice of =
retreating to 40M late on Sunday.  Rather, I went out and cranked the =
beam down to 35 feet and stayed on 20.  Grabbed a freq high in the band =
(14.303) and hoped that there would be a surge of "post-football and =
dinner" fresh-meat dabblers. Turned out that those last two hours were =
among the strongest of the entire weekend on my rate-meter.  (Which is =
why I didn't show up for the MWA sked on 40/80.)  Rate is King! =20

Looked to me like PVRC got jolted into action by the SMC win last year.  =
While there sure are a lot of IL stations in my log, I was also =
impressed by 150 Q's from VA/MDC.  That's fully 10% of all my contacts, =
just from PVRC country!

73, Hans, K0HB
  RF propagation is *not* magic. There are several perfectly good =
  reasons for sacrificing a goat in your antenna field every once in =

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>From Leigh S. Jones" <kr6x at kr6x.com  Mon Nov 19 21:13:57 2001
From: Leigh S. Jones" <kr6x at kr6x.com (Leigh S. Jones)
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 13:13:57 -0800
Subject: [CQ-Contest] RULES ARE RULES
References: <LNBBKELCOLFMLFBAHDNDKEBDCIAA.swca at swbell.net>
Message-ID: <050601c1713f$1a81ff50$ede3c23f at kr6x.org>

I remember having this exchange of ideas many years
ago.  I took the position that Mark is taking, and
another took the N7MAL position.  A year later, the
SS announcement included some wording changes
and it appeared that the new wording did not support
my interpretation.  Subsequent announcements have
occasionally regressed and made the rules less easy
to interpret, and occasionally they have been more
descriptive and more easily interpreted.

Unfortunately, this ambivalence places a difficult
burden on the contesting community.  I could suggest
an interpretation of the rules that would provide
clarification one way or the other, but unless the ARRL
Contest Branch provides instrumentation of the rules,
then my interpretation would have no meaning.

I began operating the SS contest after doing CW
traffic handling.  In those days, it was quite easy to
see the intent of the rules -- the contest exchange
was supposed to be an imitation of a message
exchange in the style of the ARRL Radiogram form.
This was, of course, in the days when the name
American Radio Relay League had real meaning.
It was easy to see, in those days, that the ARRL
wanted to make the contest exchange follow the
pattern of a radiogram in order to tie togther the
ARRL and the contest in a thematic unity.

In the early days of the SS, of course, a contest
exchange included two complete messages (one
each way), and the exchange was cut back in
slow stages to 4 tiny bits of information plus the
callsign.  Still, the exchange is supposed to be
an abbreviated preamble to a radiogram.

By the late 60's, it was quite common for the
exchange to be sent with just the suffix from
the callsign (i.e., 2 or 3 letters) in the callsign
field -- the receiving station was supposed to be
operated by a bright enough operator to fill in
the blanks.  By the year 1980, many operators
will do the entire contest without ever hearing
the callsign skipped or abbreviated when sent
by the operator on the far end.

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Subject: RE: [CQ-Contest] RULES ARE RULES

> Mal, N7MAL wrote:
> >Below is an excerpt from the ARRL web site showing the exchange
rule for
> >Sweepstakes contests. Please notice the rule heading 4. Exchange:
> Mal, it would be helpful for your argument if you could quote the
part of the
> rules where it says the parts of the exchange must be all sent at
the same time
> and in the same order as you listed.
> I am fairly certain these things are not specified; hence one
> could be that if the callsign got in the log it got exchanged.  That
> certainly the way I read it.
> Mark, N5OT
> --
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