[CQ-Contest] Q-multiplier

David L. Thompson thompson at mindspring.com
Mon Nov 26 12:54:59 EST 2001

The Q-multiplier allowed better selectivity (most also had a notch) for
older receivers.  I had a Heath Q-Multiplier with my first RX the S-40B.
Unfortunately the S-40B needed more help than a Q-multiplier.  My second RX
had a Q-Mult built in.   The DSP and pass band filters are the modern
Q-Mult.  My Yaesu has a notch filter and sharp audio filter...and this one
does not always notch out the desired sig too!
73 Dave K4JRB
> The current poor conditions for the contest led me to do some
> research into ancient history.  In the 1950's, the ham radio
> operators had some special technology called a Q-MULTIPLIER that
> could pull signals out of the qrm/qrn. It was usually employed in
> the IF stages of their equipment.
> Obviously this would be of great value for modern contesting in
> poor conditions when the Q-rate can be as low as 10 per hour.  A
> Q-multipler of even a small value such as 5 would make this into
> 50 per hour.
> It seems reasonable that a modern contesting program could easily
> have this feature added - the programmer already has an IF
> statement - just a little more work should result in a software
> based Q-multiplier.
> tony (ve6yp :-)

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