[CQ-Contest] Re: [frcc] Retribution for frequency stealing?

ted demopoulos kr1g at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 27 16:31:45 EST 2001

Interesting question - if it was *truly* blatant, screw them!

I had YV4OY show up on my run freq near the end of the contest - and call CQ 
for about 3 minutes NONSTOP - sending his call maybe 100 times in the 
process. Yeah, he could hear me loud and clear, and the operator is truly a 
lid. I told him so, informed him I was louder than he was and that he could 
just go piss off. I kept working people on both radios, he didn't work 
anyone, although he continued his tatics for maybe 10 minutes. (and I had 
FUN - while no doubt the lid was frustrated :)

Now on the converse, some N5 (forgot his call) told me that I was on his CQ 
freq, when I hadn't moved in over an hour. He was polite yet firm and didn't 
call me a lid! HE WAS RIGHT!!! (about it being his freq, jury is still out 
on whether I'm a lid!) Somehow I had bumped the VFO about 2 kcs onto his 
freq. Soon as I figured it outI left of course.

Lids are lids, but very often even "apparently blatant" violations are truly 

Ted KR1G
PS: I meant to sent the N5 a note apologizing, but his callsign has escaped 

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>Subject: [CQ-Contest] Re: [frcc] Retribution for frequency stealing?
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>I hope you won't mind me asking, Barry, but is this really the way this 
>of thing should be handled? Granted that guy being wrong, doesn't it make 
>equally wrong if we do the same thing as he?  "Retribution"? Wouldn't it be
>against the rules to do what you suggested and purposely remove his QSO's
>from your log?  The whole thing sounds petty to me.
>I don't want to  single Barry out here, as I have heard quite a few FRC
>members speak of "fighting for a frequency", but what is the accepted
>practice in FRC?  As a newcomer, I'm wondering how a proper contester 
>conduct himself....what does the rest of the membership think?
>Jerry K3MGT
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>Subject: [frcc] Retribution for frequency stealing?
> > Hi all,
> >
> > This weekend in the contest, a certain multi in Eastern Europe
> > started CQing in my face, on a frequency I was running on for at
> > least an hour.  There were no pauses on my part to give any
> > indication the frequency was not occupied. Condx were excellent
> > (Sunday) and I'm sure I was as loud there, as he was here.
> >
> > Since I had a good night's sleep when the bands died, and I wasn't
> > trying to win anything, I decided to stay and fight for my frequency.
> > It took about 20 minutes of CQing in each other's faces before he
> > went away. I was able to work some stuff with my 250 Hz filter and
> > APF cranked in. He didn't work much of anything.
> >
> > This same station did the same thing to me in last year's contest!!
> >
> > So, what I am thinking, is to remove his 4 or 5 QSOs from my log,
> > so he'll lose 4 or 5 times 4 worth of QSO points (original QSOs
> > plus penalty). Whaddya think?
> >
> > 73,
> > Barry W2UP
> >
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