[CQ-Contest] ARRL CW - No Packet

Marijan Miletic, S56A artinian at siol.net
Fri Nov 30 19:42:58 EST 2001

My eyesight has deteriorated, my writing was always poor but what I hate
most is keeping track of QSO time.  This was always done by some kind of

73 de Mario, S56A, N1YU with online logging since 1984 stil without SCP.
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  How about hand logging the test...no packet...say a nostalgia weekend??
  old guys who used to do this wud kick our posteriors :-)


  Doug W3CF

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  How about skiping SCP as well?


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    What?! Reintroduce the skill requirement of searching a band for mults?
  Give the advantage back to stations that have two positions per band?
  Heresy! Sacrilege! Moiduh da bumms!

    (Cool idea, Bill.)

    /Rick N6XI

    Bill Fisher W4AN wrote:

    > I've already got my sites set on ARRL CW.  A few of us bound for OH in
    > July are considering competing in the M/S category and not using
    > packet.  K1DG ran the idea by me this week and the thought of doing a
    > multi-op without packet got me all excited about the contest!
    > So, I'm wondering if it would not be fun for all of the top multi-op
    > stations to turn off the cluster for just one weekend?  After its
    > lets see if you don't all have more fun.  I know I will.
    > 73
    > Bill Fisher, W4AN

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