[CQ-Contest] The LAST Issue? of CQ Contest arrives

K4tmc at aol.com K4tmc at aol.com
Wed Sep 5 17:19:11 EDT 2001

>From the editorial page: "This is the last issue of CQ Contest magazine that will be published by CQ Communications.";  Plans are underway to continue the magazine on the web, stay tuned!  I thought something was strange when I did not find a subscription card/envelope inside.  Removing that is usually the first thing I do, even before looking at the article titles and pictures.

Front cover photo of F5SDH and F6GKQ operating at F8KHZ, the Megahertz Magazine Radio Club.

Feature articles:
Message from the Publisher (a purely business decision, based on simple business economics)
Results ; EU Sprint Contest Spring CW 2001
The CQWW DX SSB 2000 Honor Roll
We Don't Need No Certificates, or Do We? (are those contest awards really important?)
High Performance CW, Part 2, The Path to Better CW Accuracy
The CQWW DX CW 2000 Honor Roll
CQWW WPX CW Contest High-Claimed Scores
CQWW DX Contest All-Time Records

Regular columns:
The Band Edge (editorial) ; The Idea and The Future
Monthly Collectible ; Updated CQ Contest Registry
VHF Contest Forum ; An Army of Rovers
YL Contesting ; CQ Contest from P43E
In The Beginning ; Matt Comerford, KB9UWU

Ron Stailey, K5DJ (re Writelog) has ad for the new W5XD Multi-Keyer.

73 & High Rates,
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