[CQ-Contest] DX Operations in All Contests -- NCJ Style

Bill at ng3k.com Bill at ng3k.com
Sun Sep 9 19:59:44 EDT 2001

Gary, K9GS, wrote me asking about a more easily
downloadable and editable version of the contest
operation listings.  I really needed to do something
like this anyway to make it easier for the NCJ folks
to access the data in a format suitable for the
print product.

With a little programming effort, this is what I've
come up with:


You'll find that you can easily copy the data from
your browser window and paste it directly into your
text editor or word processor for local reformating
and use.

The page gives information for all of the currently
active contests in a single page and will also include
contests for which I don't do HTML tables (e.g. ARRL
10 M, ARRL 160 M).

As with the data entry form, this page is linked to from
my Contest page:


I hope many of you will find this useful.  If you have
questions, comments or suggestions, please contact me.



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