[CQ-Contest] Dad Port Four No More

Jim White, K4OJ k4oj at tampabay.rr.com
Thu Sep 13 21:48:12 EDT 2001

...the past few weeks have been quite the emotional roller coaster...my
father suffering a heart attack first denied - and then getting - open heart
surgery, my country raped by evil terrorists....well, here is some good

I answered the phone at work this afternoon and it was my Mom (AKA W1YL)
calling from home, she had just brought my father home from the hospital -
six days after his triple bypass surgery.

He watched news footage this afternoon and the reality of what has happened
in New York, Washington DC and Pennsylvania rang home...the medicines he has
been taking gave him a false take on what was happening and with clarity now
he sees the grim picture as a reality and not a drug induced nightmare.

It was with great pleasure that I stopped by my parents home this evening
after work.  I got there as Mom served up dinner - a steak, hash browns and
veggies...the joy I felt seeing my father get and enjoy every speck of the
food on his plate was magnificent.

I know Dad is where he should be now, Mom has been at the hospital every day
with Dad but at home now she can do what she does best - take care of
him...he is a very lucky man.

Thank you Mom - I know Dad is in the best hands.

I will endeavor to re-assemble the station at W1CW and W1YL this weekend and
who knows mebbe in a little while W1CW will be on the air once again.

I hope this positive note has helped so many friends aching due to the
current world calamity...good does triumph over evil - Bypass Bob is home.

Thanks for all your wishes - since he is home now you might try an e-mail to
w1cw at tampabay.rr.com - he should be cussing about the silly stuff on the
e-mail reflectors any day now!

Friends from around the world - on all continents have checked in - WE DO


Jim, K4OJ

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