[CQ-Contest] What RF voltage OK at Rx in SO2R?

Jerry Flanders jflanders2 at home.com
Sun Sep 23 11:43:25 EDT 2001

I am trying to set up for RTTY SO2R and have two questions:

1. What voltage levels can solid state rigs safely tolerate from nearby tx?

2. I read about guys using stubs as well as filters in SO2R. How much of 
this is just to protect the rx hardware, and how much is there to improve 
normal rx on band A while tx on band B is underway?

I would like to avoid smoke testing the rx front ends on my FT-1000D and 
IC-756PRO if possible. I intend to measure actual voltage present on my 
(well separated) rx antennas while transmitting and determine from that if 
I actually need protection, and to what degree. This is aside from the 
question of rx overload, which I can see for myself once I get it all in 
actual operation. My immediate goal is to see if I can safely tx w/o smoke 
before I start working with stubs or filters.

Jerry Flanders  W4UK

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