[CQ-Contest] Network cables

Kevin Stover kstover at willinet.net
Sun Sep 23 21:57:57 EDT 2001

Shielded CAT5 is the way to go.
With todays dual speed, auto sensing NIC's it's more expandable and easier 
to use.
I've got a mini-LAN setup here is the shack and haven't ever had a problem 
with RF getting in.

Kevin, NØRKX

At 05:12 PM 9/23/01 -0600, you wrote:

>Considering the relatively high level of
>RF energy used in ham radio,
>is there any advantage / disadvangage of
>using twisted pair cable or coax within
>a contest station (or a normal home ham
>radio network)
>If twisted pair is used, is there any problem
>with 100mbps vs. 10mbps network speed?
>tony (ve6yp)
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