[CQ-Contest] Preventing stainless steel galling when tightened

Tom HammondNØSS n0ss at earthlink.net
Tue Sep 25 10:34:44 EDT 2001

Seems like this should be on Tower Talk, but...

> > To prevent SS from galling always lubricate when tightening or 
> removing.  I use
> > WD40 or better yet Liquid Wrench even on my SS gear clamps.  Since I 
> began this
> > step my galling problems are gone as will yours.

Both WD-40 and Liquid Wrench will eventually either evaporate or migrate 
out of the screw threads.

For what little it's worth, I much prefer to use ANTI-SIEZE compound 
available at many hardware stores as either a silver- or copper-colored 
paste. Quite often it's available in tube, but more often in a jar. A 
little goes a LONG way, so, as long as you don't LOSE it, you'll probably 
have more than you'll EVER need... unless you're another N5AU or W0AIH!!! <G>

If you can't find anti-sieze compound at the hardware store, try your local 
maching shop. You may be able to talk them into giving you a small amount. 
You may (not confirmed however) be able to BUY it from some of the antenna 
manufacturers as well... I know that BENCHER includes a healthy supply (2 
packages) with their antennas. I believe they also list it as being 
available separately. I believe they call it "BUTTER IT'S NOT", or 
something similar.

Using real anti-sieze compound, I've NEVER had a problem with stainless 
steel threaded connections galling... ever.

Finally, note that this stuff is MESSY. and you'll probably want to keep a 
BUNCH of paper towels handy. They will NOT wipe your fingers clean, but 
they will at least get enough off so you can with without tracking it 
everywhere. When I use anti-sieze compound, I apply it with a SMALL (kids 
watercolor) paint brush. This allows me to better control the amount I'm 
applying, and it (sometimes) allows me to keep my fingers clean (longer, 
but never completely).

73 - Tom Hammond   N0SS

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